Liza and Marilyn…

August 5th, 2013

The first week of my holidays rushed by… I managed to do a lot of painting! I can show you two new ones!
The first one is Liza Minelli, painted in neon colors…

liza minelli

size: 60 – 60 cm.

and the second one is Marilyn Monroe, painted in the same style as I painted James Dean (they sort of belong together I think…)

marilyn monroe 002a

size: 50 – 50 cm.


Ofcourse there is another reason for me to produce so many paintings lately besides the fact that I LOVE painting…
I’ve been asked if I was willing to show my paintings in Grand Café De Schutterij in Vlissingen… as in a real exhibition!!!! Uhhhm… I didn’t need to think about that for a long time… YESSSS!! They thought my colorful paintings would look great in their Grand Café and after I found a picture of it on the internet, I think so too:


And there is more….

A lady who ownes a fashion shop (also in Vlissingen) asked me if she could use some of my paintings in the shopwindows during the filmfestival Film By The Sea. A yearly event which brings lots of people to this city!! So a great opportunity for me to show my work to all those extra visitors!!
There was/is only one ‘but’… Both events take place in the same period…
Because I want my paintings in both places means I have to have a lot of paintings… and that’s why I’m working so hard lately.

So no more blogging right now, back to another canvas!!

lena 002


2 Responses to “Liza and Marilyn…”

  1. avatar Petra Coolen says:

    Dat meen je niet….. tweemaal gevraagd in dezelfde periode?
    Kan me helemaal voorstellen dat ze jouw werk in hun winkel/cafe willen hangen. Het zal er vast en zeker prachtig uitzien wat alleem maar meerwaarde geeft.
    Veel plezier met het schilderwerk :)

  2. avatar MirjamC says:

    Wauw wat super gaaf voor je zeg!!! Maarja dat kan natuurlijk ook niet anders met zulke mooie schilderijen!
    Nog een fijne vakantie en veel succes!

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