And some more….

August 24th, 2013

The holidays are over, last week school started for the kids and I had to go to work again.
Now, early at a Saturdaymorning, I finally have the time to show you my latest paintings…



size: 50 – 70 cm.



clark gable

size: 50 – 70 cm.



brigitte bardot

size: 60 – 60 cm.

This isn’t a long blogpost because I still have a lot to do for the upcoming exhibition, one week from now…!! (see more about that in my former post).
So I better get started!! Hope to be back soon!!


lena 002



2 Responses to “And some more….”

  1. avatar Petra Coolen says:

    Vind de painting van Bono ge.wel.dig.
    Het zijn wederom 3 pronkstukken!

  2. avatar Marit says:

    Succes met alle voorbereidingen voor de exposities meis. Het wordt vast een groot succes – je schilderijen zijn allemaal weer zo mooi!

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