January 11th, 2014

Recently I finished the four paintings of the guys who form the (Dutch) band Sunday Sun. I saw them live on stage and loved them right away!!







Koen Willem


And this is how they look hanging on my wall…..

Kopie van DSC_0144

I really like it!! Those colours make me happy, just like their music!


Last week my exhibition in Vlissingen ended and I had to get my paintings back  home… Reality is that my house isn’t that big and I really had no idea where to store all my paintings! I came up with the following solution… The conference room in the courthouse in Middelburg looked boring so I asked if I could give it more colour with my paintings. They agreed!!

RB14 001


RB14 003


That’s all for now, wish you all a fantastic weekend!!


lena 002


3 Responses to “Meet: SUNDAY SUN!!”

  1. avatar Marit says:

    Ik zei het al: de jongens van Sunday Sun zien er zonnig uit en lichten je kamer helemaal op! Ook de conferentie-kamer ziet er een stuk gezelliger uit met jouw werk aan de muur, goed gedaan meissie!

  2. avatar MirjamC says:

    Wat staan die schilderijen geweldig op de grijze muur! Erg mooi!

  3. avatar Viv says:

    Ze zijn helemaal top, Lena! en wat hangen ze daar gewelig in jullie woonkamer, je wordt er gewoon helemaal vrolijk van.

    Groetjes Viv

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